Respected Home Business

The Summit Group has changed to the Respected Home Business. All Watkins Home Based-Business owners have joined to become the Home Business channel within Watkins.

This group was started by Steve and Ginny Bretzke 23 years ago, husband and wife who wanted to help their downline team members. You see, they knew that by providing training and support and sharing their knowledge, they could help other people achieve success!

The new group now encompasses all Home-Based Business owners with training and support provided by all upline leaders.

The new Timeless Integrity website will provide free training for all Watkins Home-Based Business owners.

A free prospecting website is provided for all Home Business owners. My website is .

Through the years our upline Home Business leaders have figured out “what works” and “what doesn’t work” when it comes to building a successful Watkins home based business.  If you plan to start a Watkins business with both immediate and residual income, start using the training materials and web site to help you achieve your goal more quickly.

Joining with a Consultant who is part of The Respected Home Business team means you will have all the support you need when you start  your exciting new home business opportunity!

Watkins Respected Home Business 

Watkins is the simple work-from-home business for busy people who want a better life for themselves and their family

What’s a Watkins home-based business all about?
It’s a respected home business that can help you earn significant income so you can have the life you desire.

Our website tells the whole story of how this business can work for you. You’ll get quick answers to all your questions, including everything mentioned below:

Build Your Business Fast!
Earn significant profits! Receive residual income; give more effort at the beginning and earn on your results month after month! Our site shows exactly how much you can earn, what you’d be doing, and what’s realistic to expect. When you sign up as a Watkins Consultant you’ll have access to extensive FREE training (worth thousands of dollars) on the full range of ways to build your business.

Family Friendly and Flexible!
Won’t mess up your current schedule
Keep your commitments to your family
Keep your current job
Continue your hobbies, clubs, or church activities
Work from home, by computer and phone, when YOU want to—do as much or as little as you want at any point
Get an extra income check each month!
Totally flexible.
Absolutely no pressure… You get to choose your own business methods depending on your income goals and preferences.
Choose from retailing methods (like catalog sales, party plan, booth sales) or choose sponsoring methods that don’t focus on selling products to customers.

No Experience Necessary!
Free training and support from successful leaders, our team’s private training website, and free optional training conference calls every week. Use our proven step-by-step systems to build your business online, by phone, or face-to-face. You’ll be backed by the trusted 146-year-old Watkins company and the many years of success at helping our team members earn maximum profits!

Get All the Free Facts Now!
Visit my Watkins Home Business information website Have the Life Your Desire

After you explore our site, if you decide this is the right home-based business for you, that’s great—we’ll gladly welcome you aboard! But if you decide it’s not right for you for any reason, that’s okay, too—no one will hound you about it. We just want you to get the chance to consider how life changing the business could be for you. Remember, even though it’s a low-key, relaxed business, it has the potential to let you earn the fortune you desire, and a lot more… So, visit our site now.