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The One Minute Business with J.R. Watkins

The One Minute Business

Everyone needs more than one source of income. That’s what The One Minute Business is all about. With just a minute here and a minute there, you can create extra income for a positive difference in your life. It’s a sensible and completely flexible way to earn extra income—a fun path to a better tomorrow. Membership is just $19.95, and is fully refundable if it doesn’t work out for any reason.

You just do two simple steps: 1) you let other people know about this by sharing business materials or by sharing posts on Facebook or other social media; and 2) you use some products from our partner company in your own home where it makes sense for you. That’s it—plain and simple. No parties. No selling required. None of the typical work-from-home hassles. That’s why this is so easy, and so powerful.

If you’ve ever shared a funny cartoon or photo with people online, or if you’re willing to share printed materials like this as you go about your day-to-day life, then this is for you.

Our partner company, by the way, is the highly respected and increasingly popular J.R. Watkins Company. You may have seen a few of their products for body and home in stores where you shop. On our website below, you can see the full line of their products that you can enjoy as a member of our team.

Maybe you just need a little extra income for paying bills? Or, do you want to earn enough to cover a house payment, replace a full-time job, or even more? The One Minute Business is worth a look. For the full story, go to:

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